Bullying at the University of Newcastle (Australia)

We are working to highlight and stop academic workplace bullying at the University of Newcastle, Australia. We are a group of staff and students who have been bullied for speaking out about misconduct.

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This will help us gather as much information as possible so that we can put an end to this bullying with its’ decades-long history.

“Systemic bullying, hazing and abuse generally are identified with poor, weak or toxic organizational cultures. Cultures that are toxic have stated ethical values that are espoused but not employed, and other non-ethical values which are operational, dominant, but unstated.

Such cultures thrive when good people are silent, silenced, or pushed out; when bad apples are vocal, retained, promoted, and empowered; and when the neutral majority remain silent in order to survive. Those who are most successful in such a toxic culture are those who have adapted to it, or adopted it as their own”. (McKay, Arnold, Fratzl & Thomas, 2008)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spot the difference!

Alison Thirlwall from the University of Waikato in New Zealand collected survey data and interviewed workers from 10 New Zealand polytechnics and institutes of technology. 

Her research into

"workplace bullying aims to show how bullying starts, how it’s experienced and managed by targets and the way it ends.”

She has been awarded what?
An outstanding doctoral student award.!

The Stop bullying at Newcastle Uni Committee in Newcastle, Australia, collected survey data and comments from over 185 staff and students at the University of Newcastle, Australia. 

Their research into

workplace bullying aimed to gather information on who was bullied, what started it, their experience of it and the effects it had on them, what action they took and the response from the University.

The Committee has been awarded what?
Accusations of "distressing" staff and of cyber-bullying and harrassment and for going "against everything that the University stands for as outlined in our code of conduct - honesty, fairness, trust, accountability and respect. To protect our staff and students, we have engaged external agencies, including the Australian Federal Police, to help manage the situation."


  1. Congratulations Stop-b-uon blogsite. Keep up the pressure. Hopefully one day the University will accept that bullying does occur and the devastating effect that it has on individuals socially, economically, pyschologically and physically. The bullying at the discipline-School level was nothing compared to what I experienced once I made a formal complaint to senior management. Indeed, due to my experiences I would never recommend that anyone at the University to make a complaint

  2. I have been completely blacklisted and disgraced after I made a complaint and was told I had no case and have been treated like a loser, a leper. Since then, I have lost every case even when it is blatantly clear that I was in the right. The incident has been used as a green light to bullies to turn the screw tighter on me and life has been utterly miserable. I've been depressed and suicidal often because my self-esteem is very low.