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“Systemic bullying, hazing and abuse generally are identified with poor, weak or toxic organizational cultures. Cultures that are toxic have stated ethical values that are espoused but not employed, and other non-ethical values which are operational, dominant, but unstated.

Such cultures thrive when good people are silent, silenced, or pushed out; when bad apples are vocal, retained, promoted, and empowered; and when the neutral majority remain silent in order to survive. Those who are most successful in such a toxic culture are those who have adapted to it, or adopted it as their own”. (McKay, Arnold, Fratzl & Thomas, 2008)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trevor Waring honored - for what?

At the recent graduation ceremony at the University of Newcastle, Trevor Waring, recently retired Chancellor of the university will receive an honorary degree.

What is this degree for?

Apparently the degree will be awarded in "recognition of his services to the University community".

From our experiences at the University and from contact with Trevor Waring, this degree is rewarding him for standing by, knowing that whistleblowing and bullying was taking place.

Standing by and not taking any action is unforgivable
standing by and not taking action is especially unforgivable if
  • you are the Chancellor
  • you are a psychologist
  • you have practised as a psychologist for 40 years
  • you provide anti-bullying training to companies.
At least the University is consistent - rewarding those "loyal" staff who are bullies or who know of bullying at the university.

Sorry, Trevor, we are NOT able to offer our congratulations to you for this honorary degree.


  1. Dear Trevor,
    I would like to congratulate you personally. I had first hand experience of your loyalty and commitment to the University of Newcastle management. In particular I admired the way you were so supportive of Vice Chancellor Nicholas Saunders. Support that I have recently been informed came out of fear rather than respect. How fitting you are getting an Honorary Degree on the graduation day of the Faculty who promoted the academic who I PROVED committed academic misconduct, but who had me terminated as a consequence of my reporting of bullying because I was a “whistle blower”. If I was you, I would decline the award on the grounds of the shameful way the University of Newcastle uses bullying as a legitimate management tool to destroy the careers and lives of “whistle blowers”, because if you did you would show you truly deserved it. But I am not you, because I do not act out of fear or to protect my reputation, I do what I believed is right. Trevor you could still do what is right, you could still make a difference, because the one thing you have that I don’t is a position of power and respect, and your actions would be noticed.
    Best wishes
    Michelle Adams

  2. The problem with the UoN is that it is governed by a small town mob and it's no more than an island of incestuous inhabitants with the tribal leaders breeding more bad blood generation after generation. It's incredibly alien to people who have travelled the big world and know it's just not how a publically funded institution should be run.

  3. Waring is a psychiatrist, not a psychologist and he has the power to have people locked up in mental institutions.

    1. Sorry to be picky - he is a psychologist and has practised as a psychologist for around 40 years. He is not a psychiatrist. I don't think that psychologists are able to have people sectioned and kept in mental health facilities.

  4. We wonder what sort of "services" he gave to the uni. Just look at the trail of debris left behind by the regime he presided over as Chancellor. Did he turn a blind eye to what happened or was he just a useless figurehead? Is the destruction of our careers one of his services?

  5. Thanks for the correction, but that is even worse because it says a lot about the UoN management's approach to dissidents - everyone of us who reported misconduct has been instantly labelled "mentally sick" and forced through psychological tests.

    Given the number of psychologists in senior management in recent years, it's no wonder that place is so sick!

  6. A victim of Scott HOlmes who was bullied nearly to deathOctober 18, 2012 at 11:19 PM

    I just hate this business company named 'University of Newcastle', my message for those who care about their lives, health and future career is 'NEVER approach that hellhole UoN during your life. your life, your career, your self-esteem and dignity is too precious to be destroyed by UoN managers.
    Not only you don't get anything with going to that hellhole, but also You will lose everything you have just like I and many more victims of abuse of power by those 'thugs.'

    I think McMillen -the VC- has accepted bullying as part of the culture of the staff at UoN. I think the senior managers at UoN are a big shame for the whole scientific society in particular that old wolf Scott Holmes and his back-up power Mike Calford...... No university in this world should or would tolerate such victimisation of ethical, honest and innocent human beings , Shame on you , where do you want to reach with such abusive and destructive attitude?
    To the top of the world or maybe to the lowest level of the hell..... you will never understand how much a victim of bully suffers during the rest of her/his life until you will be bullied yourself, that's what I genuinely can not wish it to happen even for my enemies...

    1. I am also a victim of Scott Holmes.

  7. Trevor Waring apparently impressed a group of mostly middle-aged Newcastle academic women who are all queueing up to have dinner with him. One student in engineering said in class that he apparently admitted to an audience of mostly first year students that if you want to charm people, you go and take a few lessons with Toast Masters, which he did in his youth.

    Beauty is only skin-deep. Damn it!

  8. Has bullying at the UoN been covered up by smooth-talking?

  9. He's a sham. Any self respecting psychologist would refuse an award from the University.

  10. As a former patient of Trevor's let me tell you that he deserves all the honours and accolades. It is a pity that the small minded people behind this blog look past all the good that he has done for people like me and for mental health in this country. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. Were you being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

      That is exactly what I developed after studying at UoN.

      After being bullied there I have had to visit psychologists who have all agreed that people like the honorary degree recipient should have acted when they could have. It might have prevented the suffering I had to undergo as a result.

      Accolades are great but if they are going to go to a wolf from a wolf pack then my respect for that process will be lacking.

      My shame is believing I was going to be treated fairly at UoN.

      You might think what happened didn't happen. It did.

      Does it matter to you that people's lives have ended as a result?
      How great is a psychologist that could have prevented this but did nothing? Your call.

    2. I am weak with indecision. Perhaps someone strong like you can lead by example and identify yourself?

    3. If you base your observations from what has been presented on Trevor Waring you will notice that when he actually acts to help others, you will notice he only does it when there is something to be gained personally. He completely ignored many victims because there was nothing for him to gain from defending them.

      I will let you pass judgement on his character.

  11. So if he's such a sham why are numerous organisations still giving him awards or is the whole of the psychology profession in Australia completely duped?

    Isn't the internet just fantastic! This 'group' (or is it only one person?) gets to say what they like about someone and not reveal who they are - why do the people commenting here do so under the 'anonymous' name - is it because they cannot stand up for what they believe is right because they actually know what they are saying is complete rubbish and defamatory?

    BTW I will reveal my name when each and every one of the Anonymous' has the guts to reveal who they are in a way that can be independently verified.

  12. BTW, independent verification is something the University have disregarded much to everyone's peril. What happened right under Trevor was criminal. He knew about it too.

    If the university resists open investigation why should the people bullied out be responsible?

    Ask Trevor if he knows about sociopathic bullying and how best to cure a patient's distress. Ask about strategies to deal with complex post traumatic stress disorder. He would have plenty of helpful and informed answers.

    Ask yourself why this blog exists. I would have preferred to be still studying at the University but the actions of the staff made it impossible to sustain.

    I can usually cope with a lot but if a HoS wants to control others, act violently, constantly belittle and scorn others, show pornography, joke about pedophilia in public, condone MDMA usage, restrict access to resources and fail to honour any commitments, constantly lie and attack others then maybe it is not a healthy environment to be in.

    I am no expert though. Perhaps Trevor Waring can explain if it is. He is an expert and the HoS was his employee.

    Don't get me wrong, I am actually glad Trevor has achieved all he has despite myself being destroyed.

    It's just that if he wanted to convince me that he is a great man the opportunity has passed.

    BTW a gift of an extemporary award by the University is pretty much the mark of Cain to outside academics. It's a sign.