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We are working to highlight and stop academic workplace bullying at the University of Newcastle, Australia. We are a group of staff and students who have been bullied for speaking out about misconduct.

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“Systemic bullying, hazing and abuse generally are identified with poor, weak or toxic organizational cultures. Cultures that are toxic have stated ethical values that are espoused but not employed, and other non-ethical values which are operational, dominant, but unstated.

Such cultures thrive when good people are silent, silenced, or pushed out; when bad apples are vocal, retained, promoted, and empowered; and when the neutral majority remain silent in order to survive. Those who are most successful in such a toxic culture are those who have adapted to it, or adopted it as their own”. (McKay, Arnold, Fratzl & Thomas, 2008)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Good Christmas? Happy Holiday?

So did you have a good Christmas and/or Holiday time?

Did any of you think about those of us whom you have harrassed, bullied and victimmised?

Did your conscience prick you at all over this period of "goodwill"?

Benjamin Franklin said
"A good conscience is a continual Christmas".  

Just think - you too could have a continual Christmas if you had acted differently instead of colluding with each other for the sake of power, rewards and promotion.


  1. Monition by

    Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

    A faint wind, blowing from World's End,
    Made strange the city street.
    A strange sound mingled in the fall
    Of the familiar feet.
    Something unseen whirled with the leaves
    To tap on door and sill.
    Something unknown went whispering by
    Even when the wind was still.
    And men looked up with startled eyes
    And hurried on their way,
    As if they had been called, and told
    How brief their day.

  2. It is my sad duty to report of what appears to be gross misuse of money donated to the University.

    In 2011 2.8 million dollars was donated to the Newcastle conservatorium.


    In that time there have been little or next to no concerts held by students or staff there.

    The current list of post graduate students has not changed except for the addition of one new candidate in those two years.

    Here is an example of what the conservatorium is offering. The culmination of effort after two years.


    Pretty much nothing.

    Dissapointing to say the least.

    My question is, where exactly has the 2.8 million dollars gone? The benefactor has a right to know.

    The Space-Time concerto competition was only held once in 2011. This one event was expensive and poorly attended. I don't believe this one event cost 2.8 million dollars.

    Where did the money go?

    Please UoN, ease my concern about this issue by printing a public outline of where the money was spent.

    1. The list of Postgraduate candidates has been updated to include recent candidates

      The showcase still has no examples of music though.

      Just what exactly is going on?

      Who gives someone 2.8 million dollars for absolutely no result?

  3. Well, as a direct consequence of bullying at the University of Newcastle, I was notified of my termination of my employment on Black Friday, 13th December, 2013, due to medical reasons. I am sure some of you people will now be rejoicing not recognising the real reasons for my termination.. Good luck in your small endeavours while ignoring the real victims

    1. I don't know who you are, yet I feel very sad for you. Rest assured the greatest minds have met the same fate at that University.

      Your brilliance and ability to be liked must have got up their nose, and like many, they bullied you for it.

      The University is incapable of seeing that the bullying epidemic and the embezzlement of donated money is fundamentally wrong.

      Sociopaths do not have a conscience which allows them to lie, steal and manipulate without penalty. The chancellory have blocked external monitoring of bullying because they will be exposed as such.


      The sociopath type personality is in itself is not a good or bad thing. There are plenty of sociopaths in this world.

      What you must never do is be in a position of dependence or vulnerability with one. Since winning is everything for them, they will screw you over the minute they deem it necessary. Just walking away works as they cannot work with apathy.

      Anyway, because you have been exiled by the University you can now recover.

      You are well and truly loved despite any shortcomings you may see yourself as having. With a moral compass there is nothing much in this world that can truly harm you.

      You will continue to inspire your students. You will love your life and love again. When the time comes for that, don't be stingy, you're worth it.