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We are working to highlight and stop academic workplace bullying at the University of Newcastle, Australia. We are a group of staff and students who have been bullied for speaking out about misconduct.

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“Systemic bullying, hazing and abuse generally are identified with poor, weak or toxic organizational cultures. Cultures that are toxic have stated ethical values that are espoused but not employed, and other non-ethical values which are operational, dominant, but unstated.

Such cultures thrive when good people are silent, silenced, or pushed out; when bad apples are vocal, retained, promoted, and empowered; and when the neutral majority remain silent in order to survive. Those who are most successful in such a toxic culture are those who have adapted to it, or adopted it as their own”. (McKay, Arnold, Fratzl & Thomas, 2008)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Caroline McMillen - "free to take all decisions and actions"

The Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Newcastle is Professor Caroline McMillen.

According to the University of Newcastle's Annual Report 2013,

"The Vice-Chancellor and President is free to take all decisions and actions which further the University's objectives and which, in her or his judgment, are reasonable." (emphasis added)

"Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst 
and corrupts the best." (Edward Abbey)


  1. She is a puppet.When I met her I felt she was so ephemeral and simpering I had to do a double take. The real balance of power is the business ethic which seems to pass itself as education there.

    If she puts one foot out of place even she will be bullied. She is not above it and believe me she is just as much a hostage as us.

  2. Example:

    Notice how she has not personally commented on the plagiarism scandal or the sex scandal. Good leadership would require that both be addressed personally.

    She hasn't. It would make her actually be powerful and she is not the one making decisions. Decisions that affect the future prospects of 1000's of community members.

    1. Don't get me wrong. I do not wish Caroline any harm. I hope that she is spared from.the world's ills. What makes me angry is her lack of action when it is necessary.

  3. I only comment negatively about Caroline because of her inability to act as would be appropriate for a Vice Chancellor.

    I wish her every success and wish her to be spared the world's ills.