Bullying at the University of Newcastle (Australia)

We are working to highlight and stop academic workplace bullying at the University of Newcastle, Australia. We are a group of staff and students who have been bullied for speaking out about misconduct.

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This will help us gather as much information as possible so that we can put an end to this bullying with its’ decades-long history.

“Systemic bullying, hazing and abuse generally are identified with poor, weak or toxic organizational cultures. Cultures that are toxic have stated ethical values that are espoused but not employed, and other non-ethical values which are operational, dominant, but unstated.

Such cultures thrive when good people are silent, silenced, or pushed out; when bad apples are vocal, retained, promoted, and empowered; and when the neutral majority remain silent in order to survive. Those who are most successful in such a toxic culture are those who have adapted to it, or adopted it as their own”. (McKay, Arnold, Fratzl & Thomas, 2008)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

University of Newcastle - "respectful", "ethics", "respect", "trust", "integrity", ETC ETC ETC

"only the appearance of ethical concern is important. 
So, driven by a need for self-aggrandizement, the extreme narcissistic organization will hire (expensive) consultants, create an elaborate program, and make sure the program receives much favorable comment in the press. The program will become a corporate bragging point; another way of proclaiming greatness. But, as Roberts (2001) notes, the ‘‘work of ethics’’ will go on purely at the surface, leaving the operational interior free to pursue its usual agenda."  (Duchon 2009).


  1. Unfortunately for the UoN all they have is smoke and mirrors and plenty of gab.

    What they don't have is any solid results to back up their claims.

    The UoN has spent thousands on advertising.

    The marketing is part of their reliance on not telling the truth. They tell these lies so someone will give them money.

    Once they have it you are completely expendable......

  2. Sociopaths are often drawn to empathic people.


    Empathic people possess the ability to love and to create something meaningful to other human beings. A language of humanity only humans understand.

    Sociopaths are drawn to this human warmth but quickly realise they cannot experience it.

    Their self loathing and infantile brains lead them to try and destroy the qualities in others they cannot hope to possess.

    That is a sociopath's version of empathy, to insist that a person with a soul see the world like a person without one.

    1. Unfortunately University of Newcastle you will NEVER take my soul and you will NEVER be able to hide the truth.

  3. Powerful stuff - just make some noise about ethics and doing the right thing but keep on as normal. Lovely then innit? :Lovely then innit?